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Hello, spamtard!

I see that you're just as stupid as you are normally. I'm e-mailing-you
because I have plonked you. I've had enough of you fucktardness.

Where have you been? In the rubber room?

And you're in league with Right Only... You two make a nice pair of morons
- you do well together. Are you his bitch??? Don't forget to use rubbers,
you never know what "extra" you may get with people like Right Only...

So you say the police is looking for me, spamboy? What a bunch of crock.
Why would they be looking for me in the first place?

There are two possibilities:either the police is too stupid to find me, or
they are not even looking at all.

Now, which do you think is the most likely?

You see, they're just not paying attention to your sorry arse, that's all.
They know pretty well how much a dumb fuck you are and they are feeding you
bullshit so you don't bother them anymore, spamboy. After all, they know
that they're dealing with a raving psychopath who has an history of contempt
of court. No one has any respect for the fucktard you are, spamboy.

And, no, I'm not taking down my Lamie webpage at
http://www.spamreaper.org/etaoin/Jamie/index.html just because you don't
like it.

After all, the world has to know how much an asshole you are...

Oh yes, there is always http://www.jamiebaillie.com/ to rant about,

Anyway, gotta go.

Have a crappy evening, fucktard!!!!

P.S. There is no point joeing that e-mail address, I can make a new one in
seconds, and, anyways, Bell Stupidico have put spam filters, so all the
joe-jobs you did to me lately didn't bother me in the least.