If you are looking for a place to get some really good applications for Windows try TuCow's Home page it is filled with lots of applications for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. This is one of my favorite www sites.

Another really good site to get software for Windows 95 is http://www.windows95.com This is a really good site to get software for Windows 95.

A huge site to get a lot of shareware programs are at http://www.shareware.comthis site is worth checking out they have a little bit of every kind of software on this World Wide Web site.

Another well know site that I seem to visit quite often is the Microsoft homepage It is chalked full of lots of great software. Stop by this homepage when you have a lot of time because there page takes a little while to look though all of it because there is just so much to see.

If you are into the Video conferencing then a good site for you would be the The White Pine's Homepage here you can get the latest version of cuseeme that you can use to do the video conferencing a very good site. They also have other applications on there site as well. Stop by and check it out it is well worth the visit!.

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