2.0 Chat Lines

One good chat line that I use sometimes is one called The TeleCafe. There are always lots of friendly people there to talk to. If you would like to connect to the TeleCafe then click on the TeleCafe address. Connect to Telecafe at chat.compulink.com 9000

Also the Telecafe has there own home page. If you would like to go check it click on the address. The address for the TeleCafe official home page is http://www.idirect.com/TeleCafe/

I am also a channel operator on a channel on the Undernet Inter-relay chat. If you want to go to the Undernet Inter-relay chat home page click here.maybe sometime you can stop in and chat with me for a while if I am on IRC. If I am on chances are I will be using the name DarkShado on IRC.

If you want you can get on the undernet from here to check out what it is like. Please choose one of the addresses bellow and log in as guest

telnet.wfire.net U.S.A telnet to the Undernet.

telnet2.eu.undernet.org:6677 Europe telnet to the Undernet.

telnet2.eu.undernet.org:7766 Europe telnet to the Undernet.

The Undernet also has a ftp site that you can connect to. The undernet's ftp site is ftp.Undernet.org

Ussally if when I am on IRC I am using a copy of MIRC. I find that it is the best inter-relay chat software. If you need to get the newest copy of MIRC you can get it by clicking on the MIRC logo , this page is the official MIRC home page.


Stop on in and check out there homepage and see what they are all about. I find chat net a lot better, you don't have all the problems of the lag that you do on the Undernet or Efnet and there is less politics. If you already have the IRC client MIRC then I invite you to stop in and check it out. This is just one of many servers that you can connect to but try this one. PORTLAND.OR.US.CHATNET.ORG on port 6669