The purpose of this page is to demonstrate what lengths Jamie will go though to try to wipe out all evidence of his abuse, and what he will do to you if you do stand up against him. His address and phone numbers, everything he claims is very personal information in his complaints, provides this information freely in all of his LARTS, but likes to try to make people think that somehow that information is very private.  This site contains the most information on the abuse Jamie has done, and continues to do. This is the main reason that Jamie seems to be trying everything he can think of to get this site taken down. Jamie is one of the most abusive people I have ever seen,  when one form of false reports, Calling the police, misquoting of laws, quoting Canadian laws that I am not bound by, as well as other states laws, which do not apply to me either. This is all organized in the order he has done these things in, and it does not include multiple attempts to do the same type of complaint, in order to keep this brief.

Jamie's first complaint about this site


This is the first complaint Jamie has made about this site, sent out in his normal shotgun style,  to every contact he could find for the ISP,  and of course, he made sure to include the upstream as well, as well as godaddy, to try to get the domain disabled.


Jamie's complaint after the current maintainer took over this site.


Jamie sent this complaint in, contains lots of whois info, sent out shotgun style as well, and complains about another site on the same network as well.


Jamie Calls the police to get this site, and a downstream customers site taken down


Since my upstream and my upstream would not terminate my internet access, or force me to terminate my customers access, Jamie went and called the local police, and he got this reply. Did this stop him from his continued harassment? of course not.


Jamie abuses, uses it as a tool to commit harassment


Since Jamie is unable to get this site taken down, because it violates no laws, and he has been told this so many times, anytime anyone posts something he does not like, or someone sends him an email with this site in it, he reports it as spam though Even though this is against Spamcop's terms, he does not care, So, now instead of harassing me direct, he does it though Spamcop. This is the first time he used Spamcop to harass me, Etaoin Shrdlu wrote him an email he did not like, this site had nothing to do with that email, but Jamie does not care, he reported it as a spam advertised site. the Spamcop report can be viewed by clicking  here. The second time he used Spamcop to harass me, I posted something for Russell Miller, but Jamie thinks it is spam, even though it clearly is not, and once again, violates Spamcop's reporting policy, and uses Spamcop to harass me yet again. this one can be viewed here. This is the third one, the second one of the day, sent because of the post I made about updating this site, it can be found here. Oh, and these are being set though open proxies by the way (third one shows full header)


Jamie tries to impersonate a lawyer to get this site an other sites taken down


More of the same, he seems to have left everyone alone for almost a year, and changed up his normal LART style to trying to be a lawyer, which impersonating a lawyer in both Canada and the United States is a crime. He also now claims the picture of him on this website is his, even though in the past he has denied this picture is of him, and in his original LARTS, he calls the picture an alleged picture of him, now after all the police throughout the United States and Canada have told him over and over again, this site, as well as all the others about him do not violate any laws,  the only thing he can do is try to claim copyright infringement, even though there is none, to get this and other sites taken down, as Jamie wants everyone to think he is anti-spam now. This is his second attempt to impersonate a lawyer, it also contains his first complaint, just like back in the day, he is complaining about multiple sites, using different providers, and he fires them off shotgun style, and very massive, more then 100k text. This one of course did not work, but he sent his complaint to Savvis as well, because he seems to think that Savvis is Wiltel.s upstream, and Savvis responded to him. So a little over a month went by, he tries again, this time he got more focused, he sent separate complaints ( LART, LART) about each website he does not like, rather then make one very long rant, and like normal, nothing happened, except everyone he annoyed this time making sure the sites get updated to document his latest abuse tactic, and that all the links work.


Jamie figures out how to properly format a DMCA notice


The harassment of  my upstream providers by Jamie never stops, Jamie noticed that one of my upstream providers, Wiltel Communications got purchased by Level 3 Communications, so he figured it was time to try to get this site taken down again,  because he has failed with my other past upstreams, but finally after years of trying, he finally got the DMCA notice about the pictures used on this site formatted properly, so to comply with that notice, I removed the pictures for 10 days as stated in the DMCA act. You can read my response to this notice as well. Note, Jamie has used a simular DMCA notice to get other sites shutdown, if he has done this to you, you should be able to rewrite my response for your use.


Jamie receives some emails, tries to make everyone believe I sent them to him.


Someone sent Jamie a few emails with information from this website, even though I had nothing to do with them,  he sent this complaint, he also sent the LARTs in to me again using Spamcop like he did a few years ago, some things just do not change with time. Jamie then started a few threads in Google Groups, to try to discredit me. This is the first thread. This is the second one. Jamie's Google Groups account was then terminated for abuse because of his conduct.


Jamie files a complaint with the BBB to get this site taken down


Since nothing else has worked,  and he is running out of tools to use to harass me, he sent the BBB this complaint. problem is, he is not a customer, and never has been, and there has never been any sort of business transaction with him,  the point of this is to try to inflict as much damage as he can. Since his initial complaint, Jamie has made other rants, then finally he got abusive enough to the BBB where they sent him this letter. This did not stop Jamie at all, he kept calling, emailing, and faxing them, trying to deny that he used foul language, but that did not change anything. this is his rants, and the BBB's responses. (this is around 7.15mb)



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