06/12/2006  Case Closed as Beyond Purview
6-12-06 Listen asshole, this case is not closed. I demand that you order the abusive individual Geoff Brozny to take down these websites. This abusiveindividual posts defamitory and grossly inaccurate information about me andalso violates several US copyright laws this individual is a thief and a liarand I demand that this abuse immediately cease and desist. The BBB better act now of it will face legal action. this abuse is totally unacceptable and you have so far done nothing to get this shit taken down. This individual is clearly stalking me by posting screenshots of my bank account that were illegally obtained with my address and phone numbers that are NOT public. You need to shut the fuck up and stop fowarding these responses to the abuseive individual Geoff Brozny and just act and take the websites down. your delay is unacceptable and will not be tollerated any longer. Legal action WILL be takeen agast the BBB for harboring abusive companies like Glorb Internet Service that is ran by a very abusive individual Geoff Brozny who puts up websites that are FALSE in order to defame and harass and stalk me. He is on a spam friendly ISP Level 3 communications they refuse to act and terminate this abusive ISP and I demand you act and do this. This abusive individual refuses to take down the content and is violationg all sorts of laws. the BBB is also violating my copyright by not acting. this individual has no permission to post my replies on his website or to usenet but he does it anyway, Geoff Brozny thinks he is above the law, but he is not, neither is the BBB and I will see to it that the BBB is stopped along with Geoff Brozny of Glorb Internet Services.

06/01/2006  Received Consumer Rebuttal  (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Geoff Bronzy is a liar he is an abusive individual who takes personal information and abuses it. The individual is a liar and an extremely abusive individual. He has not taken any steps to resolve this issue by taking down either of the two offensive websites.

The websites are providing false information and this individual is clearly stalking me. If Mr. Bronzy is really serious about resolving this issue then he will take down the two offensive websites right now this issue is not resolved.

People need to be warned about Geoff Bronzy and Glorb Internet Services and thier abusive nature and how they abuse others and personal information about others. The complaint still stands and still is not resolved.

The complaint against Glorb Internet Services needs to stand and I will not even consider closing this complaint till such time as all abusive material about me is removed. GLorb Internet Services is an extremely abusive ISP and everything I said stands and people deserve the right to be warned about this abusive ISP and have the right to be properly informed about the abusive actions of Geoff Bronzy who is the owner of Glorb Internet Services. 



05/26/2006  Consumer's additional rebuttal / more information  (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Again this indvidual is a LIAR I have not been caught abusing anything. The individual has setup a hate site against me and because of this individual I recieving harasing phone calls on both my home and cell phone number.

Geoff Brozny is an outright liar and he has been booted off of several networks for his abuse. He has spammed my mail boxes with garbage and is an abusive individual who takes advantage of the fac that he runs Glorb Internet Services.

The complaint is more then valid and this issue still is not resolved the abusive individual still has the websites up in question and I am still being stalked by him. I would recommend that NO one use Glorb Internet Services or provide them any kind of private information the individual will abuse the information given to him.

BBB this issue is still not resolved since the site in question still remains up. The individual has done nothing to stop this abuse and continues to try and defame me with his false information. Glorb Internet Services should be avoided at all costs. The owner of Glorb Internet Services, Geoff Brozny is an extremely sick individual who likes to stalk others. 



05/22/2006  Received Consumer Rebuttal  The abusive individual Geoff Brozny has now made another post to the usenet newsgroup where this abusive individual posts. The abuser still has the defamitory website with the false information up. This guy is a kook and a stalker. He puts personal information up about people on a website. Including thier name, address, phone numbers including home and cell number and even a pictureof me which was stolen from my computer when it was infected with a trojan.Path:!!!!!!!!not-for-mailFrom: "Geoff Brozny" gbrozny@glorb.columbus.oh.usNewsgroups: (Lamie) Lamie now files a complaint with the BBBDate: Sat, 20 May 2006 22:09:47 -0400Organization: Glorb Internet Services, http://www.glorb.comLines: 17Message-ID: e4ohs5$80g$1@jamiebaillie.comNNTP-Posting-Host: bAWeR1EtP8gFa8xZnwG3OQ.37.jamiebaillie.comX-Complaints-To: abuse@glorb.comNNTP-Posting-Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 02:04:54 +0000 (UTC)X-Mailer: hiddenX-Notice: Scanned by Mr. BillX-Newsreader: hiddenUser-Agent: hiddenXref: Lamie's false complains to L3 have not worked, now in order to try to inflict as much damage as he can, he filed a false complaint with the BBB. to get the site taken down. you can view this at also some misc. updates have been made to if you have been a victim of Lamie's harassment, if you could please email me any LARTs, munge what you need, or I will munge the email addresses for you. I want to add a section documenting all his abuse directed to ISP's and anyone who he happened to target. I will also be happy to receive LARTs that you do not want posted for any reason, just let me know you do not want it posted and I will comply.geoffContrary to what Geoff says in his usenet posts this is not a false complaint it is a very valid complaint. And he will not offically respond back to the BBB complaint against him. Instead he continues to post negitive information on the usenet newsgroups about me. The complaints also to Level3 Communications where not unsuccessful like he claims either. He was ordered by Level3 to Remove the offending information which he did and then later put it back up again.He is now trying to get his other friends involved who also setup mirror sites of his site for when it gets taken down. Mr. Brozny has been kicked off different Internet Service Providers because of this. He is an extremely abusive individual who has no clue how to responsibly run a business.Geoff Brozny who owns Glorb Internet Services is abusive and rude and I would suggest that No one use Glorb Internet Services for any kind of internet service. He violates peoples privacy and he sets up hate sites abouts others on the internet with false information! Do not trust Glorb Internet Services with any personal information he will abuse it!