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Note: Please be sure to not confuse Jamie Baillie the athlete or Jamie Baillie the politician with Jamie Baillie the spammer, kook, troll, whiner, and proxy hijacker!

In a nutshell, Jamie Baillie is a mentally-challenged individual who lives in the Ontario, Canada area who is desperate for attention. He pretends to be an anti-spammer while being a spammer himself. He's been caught spamming, abusing open proxies, and trying to buy lists of proxies to spam through.

When cornered, his response is "It was a hacker". Yet he cannot even try to answer questions about when or how his PC was "hacked", what the vulnerability was, when and how it was fixed, and which posts in the "hacked" period of time are really from him and which are really from the hacker. But, since there are several common threads throughout *all* of the posts (certain mispellings he cannot fix, like "harasement", "defamitory", "tollerated", and my favorite, "paided"), it's painfully clear that all websites, posts, and other evidence came from one person.

Ordinarily, it would be poor sport indeed to keep "harasing" such an obviously troubled individual. *But*... not only does he keep bringing this sort of thing down on his own head by filing huge, rambling "abuse reports" about anyone who dares to notice his misdeeds; he also is a continuing spammer who will continue to abuse the Internet if left alone.

Jamie's constant harassment to try to get this site down

Since Jamie has been told by at least a dozen providers, and by multiple law enforcement agency's that this site, and other sites that document his abuse do not violate any policies or laws,  Jamie resorts to sending in very long emails, faxes, as well as makes phone calls, to every single contact he can find for for an ISP he may think is associated with the connectivity of a website in order to harass them into terminating there client. Note: this only covers what he has done to get this site taken down.

Evidence File of his spamming, and proxy abuse w/Brief Extracts

Jamie's run-in with the law!

At 1420hrs, on 20Jan94, I met Jamie Baillie at the front desk of the station and escorted him to the interview room. I told him that he was not under arrest and asked him why he had come to see me. He indicated that his parents had told him I wanted to talk to him about the Homolka ban and his computer. I asked him what he wanted to tell me about it and he said that he had put it on. I asked him what he meant by that and he said "the banned information".

Jamie caught trying to buy lists of proxies to spam through

He quickly sent the following message to PayPal in an attempt to make his futile points heard again. Apparently he wasn't satisfied with PayPal's non-response to his complaint that the goods he received were "not as advertised," especially after I'd refuted those claims.

SpamReapers evidence of Jamies spamming

For more details, I opened a few temporary accounts and pretended to fall for spammer Jamie Baillie's scam. I replied to the spam by entering the new addresses into his form. I got two replies. The first directly from Jamie Baillie the spammer. It's an autoresponser reply, but it shows his real connection. The spam was relayed through an open relay in spain. This reply came directly from Spammer Jamie through his ISP via his hotmail drop box....

Jamies link to DHS Club spamming

One sample spam, sent to harvested or purchased addresses (not opt-in by any means), note especially the lame cut and paste job that included part of a previous posted DHS spam report as part of Jamie's spam! (highlighted in red.)

Jamie's web site circa 1995 - note the picture and its' similarity to this picture, which he denies is him! (now he says the picture is of him, and that he owns the copyright)

Jamie  runs into a problem building a Perl module. So what does he do? You guessed it: Jamie argues with the developer and "escalates" it to the CPAN maintainers.

Archive of the evidence of Jamies spam put on his own website by "The Escalade Crew"!

OK - notice the $20 charge on May 22, and subsequent refund on May 23? This is the infamous incident where I was ripped off when I bought a list of what I thought were valid proxies for spamming.

Jamie admits his involvement with "ROKAS", which he now denies.

----- Original Message -----
From: Jamie (jamie10000@hotmail.com)
Subject: Re: Registry of Known Anti Spammers (ROKAS) 04/20/2003
Newsgroups: news.admin.net-abuse.email
Date: 2003-04-22 07:50:09 PST
The only moron around here is you, because collecting up public info, and all that info was public information is NOT harrasing anyone.

Jamie gets his website nuked by "free speech" advocates who are willing to host white supremacy pages!

[13:15:20] (@Yoder) Your site was not Free Speech.
[13:15:24] (Jamie_Baillie) Yes it is
[13:15:30] (@Yoder) Your site was a blue print for inciting violence
[13:15:33] (Jamie_Baillie) It provides free information
[13:15:37] (Jamie_Baillie) NO it was not
[13:15:39] (@Yoder) The way you displayed the information
[13:15:43] (Jamie_Baillie) It never inciting violence
[13:15:47] (@Yoder) You are asking for legal trouble from here to kingdom come

Jamie complaining about "censorship" back in 1995 because the community college he was flunking out of wouldn't allow him to look at pr0n during class.


Which, if any, of these regulations do you see as "silly." Most of them sound perfectly reasonable to me. I do not see anything silly or censorious in an educational institution attempting to restrict use of its computers to educational purposes, or for the institution to define what it will consider to be "educational purposes." Well it really isn't the rules them selves that are silly. It is the way that they are twisting the rules to meet there needs and how they are setting a double standard, One for the teachers and one for the students.... We are not doing anything illegal we are just inter-acting with other people on various chatlines, and other mud's, moo's, mushes ect. The teachers are allowed to use the system for there own personal needs but yet the students are not.. NOW THAT IS CENSORSHIP!. Wake up will you!..


Where Jamie wins Kook of the Quarter for 3Q02

His initial complaint to Will Yardley's provider especially, about a single email Will sent him in direct response to an article Jamie had posted on Usenet (not a TOS violation at any ISP I know of) was most definitely an invalid complaint. We also witnessed his rants to tconnect. It's about time this idiot got taught a lesson by getting his account spanked.

Listen you idiot there is NO violation at all on my part. YOU are violating what is stating in my SIG. I am not the one doing anything wrong here so don't be sending anything to my ISP. Your false reports will NOT be tollerated. I am not the one doing anything wrong here you idiot. So if you don't like my posts then don't read them. YOU guys are the one harasing me.

 Jamie then wins Kook of the Quarter for 3Q04

This abusive individual needs to be removed from your network.  This abusive
individual posts defamitory and grossly inaccurate information about me and
also violates several US copyright laws this individual is a thief and a liar
and I demand that this abuse immediately cease and desist. This harasement /
stalking also violates Ohio Anti-stalking laws.

Jamie responds to Usenet about his spamhaus listing

First off your record is WRONG and I demand that this be immediately removed. I am NOT joe jobbing anyone nor have I joe jobbed anyone And any complaint made was because of an abusive or defamitory site which they had up about me. I have more then enough grounds to make a complaint about them. And that does NOT give you the right to list me here because some one has a defamitory site up about me and they are violating Copyright laws.

Rogers finally boots Jamie from there network

Please remove from SBL listing.  This customer has been terminated.

Jamie lies about getting booted off or Rogers

Wrong again idiot I was not terminated at all like you would like to think.

Jamie admits that hijacking proxies is ok

As for using this proxy, I am well within my rights to use this system, it is NOT illegal, I did NOT bypass anyones password, or do anything to violate this proxy;s security, that makes it illegal.

Jamie gets yet another Google account terminated for abuse...

This account has been banned because it violated the Google Groups Terms Of Use.

...Then lies about it

Wrong again my google account didn't get nuked. yet more lies from Geoff Brozny

To change the subject about getting caught in a lie I reply to one of Jamie's posts that he cross posted originally, so that makes me a spammer.

Also why are you spamming  alt.cellular.verizon?

Newsgroups: news.admin.net-abuse.email,alt.cellular.verizon

Why did you send this post to that group. Stop cross posting your
mesasges to groups which has nothing to do with the topic.

Jamie accuses everyone who has a signature of more then 4 lines is a spammer, violating RFC's and some sort of group policy.

His Sig is 8 lines long that is definately spam It should be bellow
4 lines even YOUR sig is too long. Yet another spammer.

1 --
2 GNUEMAIL(TM) Postmaster
3 postmaster<at>gnuemail.com
4 Make Long URLs Shorter! http://gnu.vu
5 Free, spam-free email accounts: http://www.gnuemail.com

If a signature is over 4 lines in length then it is
considered to be spammy. Both of your
signatures are spammy shorten them down
to 4 lines or less.

Jamie assists spammers harvest email addresses by unmunging them...

you mean these addresses?

...But first lies about doing this

Not true at all.. you are just a kook Geoff stop making stuff up.


Jamie gets booted for abusing x-privat's news server, and lies about it

> I haven't lost any accounts this is just yet more lies
> from Etaion Shrdlu. 

Yes you have, all your other posts though x-privat contain this line:

X-Authenticated-User: $$np9wzl3dx1_dbkavkkrb5b1k

this post contains this:

X-Authenticated-User: $$xw1n_qy_$7_b33m2yj73an1$b-

So you got your account shutdown, lied about it again, and you created a
new one to try to fool everyone, fool.

Jamie gets busted for trying to solicit a prostitute

(NOTE: It would appear that BAILLIE was facing a criminal charge of being an Inmate of a Bawdy House, i.e. found (as a ‘John’) in a house of prostitution.)


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